Reflection: Topic 4

I was immediately drawn to this week’s topic due to its broad scope. Many issues raised by business or educational uses of social media were presented to us and it was required of us to decide and discuss which we felt to be most significant. The range of views and opinions from my peers were particularly evident this week just from the differing blog titles. This meant no two blogs discussed the same issue, leading to intriguing perspectives on a variety of topics.

An issue that proved to pop up quite often however, was identity theft. This attracted me as I was keen to know how this could indeed relate to education or business or in fact both. For this reason, I was caught by Melak’s excerpt as he succinctly outlined his desire to link the issue of identity theft to business. Although I enjoyed the structuring of his blog, I was left wanting more from it. Melak gave a statistic identifying just how much money the UK loses because of identity theft but failed to dive any deeper. Something I felt lacked throughout most posts, including my own, due to the extensive material available on each issue.

I felt a topic I could more easily compare with education and business was that of the digital divide. There were many ways in which the topic could have been addressed. I decided to define the term first, then relate it more specifically to education. Davina also tackled this topic, she chose to address in more detail the wider scale issue of the global digital divide. She raised the point that the inability for certain countries to afford the necessary technology to provide people with greater internet access was much to blame for the wider divide. I completely agreed and wished I went into further detail in my post. Another issue I felt I could have attacked more so was how this affects these countries on an economical sense and what this may mean for them in the future.



Melak’s blog

Hei Lam’s blog


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