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Due to the increasingly low supply of skilled workers, there is a huge amount of competition for talent causing employers to be more innovative with recruitment. Social media has become a massive part of recruiters’ arsenal in finding the best talent. The figure below demonstrates just how many employers are now using social media to recruit and which networks have been hired through.

Jobvite. (2014). Social Recruiting Survey

This makes your digital footprint and digital profile increasingly important. Your digital footprint is a trail left by your interactions within a digital environment. The size of the footprint depends on how interactive you’ve been in a cyberspace. Developing an authentic professional digital profile requires branding. Branding of you! Personal branding is key to improving your digital footprint and making greater use of the internet. This short clip from hiredmyway.com further explains this.

The title of this post demonstrates one of the ways I attempt to brand myself. ‘keviniri’ is the handle to all my social media sites, including this blog. The most important thing when building your brand is not just to be consistent with your handle and profile picture but to have multiple platforms in which you can be consistent on. It’s easy to be consistent when you have only Facebook or Twitter but to really build your brand, you must operate like a major network. This means putting yourself out there on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and even creating your own blog, to name a few. Studies have shown that all living things and everything else in the world is six or fewer steps away from each other, the six degrees of separation. Social media has allowed connecting with people and things even easier, so by being a presence on each of these sites, you’re allowing yourself to be found and making it easier to find what you need.

Branding is also about promotion. You must promote what you do best in the right places. In order to promote yourself in a professional sense, becoming a presence on LinkedIn, no matter your industry or niche, offers numerous opportunities and rewards. The mind map below presents ways in which you can develop your LinkedIn profile to ensure you make the most out of an authentic professional online profile.



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2 thoughts on “@keviniri – Branding yourself online

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Whilst reading your post on topic 3, it informed me of the term ‘personal branding’ – something so contextually significant that I have never really looked into, or known about, before now. I like how you have linked this to authenticity whilst online and how important it is to be consistent within your professional profiles. The mindmap at the end of your post is also very clear and informative – definitely something to use for future reference when creating a genuine professional profile online.

    One suggestion would perhaps be to elaborate on the real-life example you mentioned. Sacco’s infamous case resulted in her being fired – from an ‘outsider’ who has never heard of the case before, how would you describe to them what it was she did? Are there any other cases or examples you can link this too?

    Well done on a successful topic 3 post, very enjoyable and informative to read!


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